Stop wondering how
you could better serve your customers.

Just ask them!

Loyalty is a consequence.
First build relationships.

Use ECHO Mirror to Measure and Improve Customer Experience

Get Feedback. Anytime, Anywhere.

Mirror let’s you capture feedback anytime, anywhere, be it an online survey, mystery shopping, phone call, email, twitter or facebook, at the checkout counter, shop floor or website.

Start A Dialogue

Customer relationships are built through continuous engagements. Mirror gives you the ability to continue a dialogue by giving you full view and history so you can start your conversations with them from where they were left off.


Keep score.
Whether NPS or other metrics, customer driven feedback
is the best proxy to measure staff performance.


Real Time Pulse

Keep your eyes on employee performance with Mirror’s real time report and analysis.

Benchmark Expectations

Customers don’t care how well you do against your competitors. They care how well you do for them. Mirror clearly shows you how you stack up against your customers’ expectations so you can focus resources on areas where you can create the greatest impact for them.

Individual Performance KPI

Because everyone is a contributor. Now you can implement bonus and rewards based on metrics that truly matters. Let your customers be the judge!

Drive Accountability

A successful CX program drives behaviour change and a successful CX software delivers tools that supports the change.


Empower your team to work together to improve customer experience, one best practice at a time.

Closed Feedback Loop

Mirror‘s closed feedback loop feature makes it a truly sophisticated CX system. It escalates alerts to frontline employees and managers, designating case owners responsible for following up with customers.

Rescue At-Risk Customers

  • Alerts you when you receive a negative feedback
  • review history of customer to gauge overall satisfaction level
  • Catch them before they turn away

Coach Team

Your employees don’t need more confidence. They need clarity. Clarity of customers’ expectations and clarity of processes so they are truly empowered to handle a situation. Once you’ve got clarity, confidence is natural. Mirror gives your leaders clarity to coach others and your front line employees the clarity to perform their best.

Innovate Customer Experience

What works today may not work tomorrow. Expectations change and so should your experience design. Map feedback against your customers’ journey to see where you can innovate services that create the greatest impact to satisfaction. Then test new best practices and let Mirror tell you if it’s working.

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