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Annual, periodic or tracking of customer satisfaction are no longer sufficient for an enterprise to anticipate the dynamic needs of customers.   Also, once a year temperature checks does very little to help instill a service culture or provide the information,



Preventing Infection Patients’ flora and hospital environment are the primary sources of many infections and the first line of defense against spreading or contracting infections is a mere hand wash. SEMMEL is a mobile application developed based on WHO Guidelines

ECHO: Unique Capability

The benefit is the unique new leverage we have on Relationship Manager to identify and encourage the proactive and well regarded RMs and to coach those who have detractors. The very fact that we have this feedback loop is going to encourage the stars and make the less diligent realize there is no place to hide and pull up their socks!

Country Business Manager a global retail bank

ECHO: A Force Multiplier

For the first time we had analysis and action plans based on bottoms up NPS. I wanted to share with you that even the very first review reveals the importance and power of this approach. Getting regular structured feedback where client can be identified is a force multiplier.

Country Manager a global retail bank

Fast and Low Cost

After 4 months of using this method, we found Semmel very effective in auditing hand hygiene compliance. With this SEMMEL method surveillance, the process can be done in such a way which is time saving, paperless, low cost and having lower results errors. In turn, our Infection Control Personnel now have more time in teaching and guiding healthcare workers in providing the quality of care to our patients.

Pn. Suzila Kasnon Infection Control Officer, KPJ Selangor Specialist Hospital

CAPA implemented effectively

...the data collected is shown in many charts. This helps the user to directly print and perform the analysis and immediately perform the RCA if the percentage is below the expected level. The corrective and preventive actions are implemented effectively.